FAQ: What is the price of bridesmaid dress alterations in Toronto?

This is of the most frequent questions I receive as a dressmaker. And the answer is, it depends on many factors, such as fabric, amount of layers, and even the make of the dress. Here is what you need to consider…

What If You Need A Major Alteration?

In order to let you know you how much it would cost to alter your bridesmaid dress, I need more details about it. I can give you a high level estimate by phone or e-mail, and refine it in person. My estimate will always be fair and based on complexity and urgency of the job. By sending me answers to these questions you will receive your quotation within one day:

  1. Send me a picture of your dress from both the front and the back. If you can’t provide a decent picture, please make an appointment and bring your dress to me so that I can examine it and give you an exact quote.
  2. Tell me what’s wrong with the dress. Common problems are:
    • The dress is either too big or too small. In what area(s)?
    • Is it too long?
    • Does it look uneven?
    • Do shoulder straps fall off your shoulders?
  3. What fabric is your dress made of? If you don’t know, take a close up photo of the fabric.
  4. How many layers are there in your dress?
    Check it out by looking inside. Some dresses consist of as many as four layers. For a seamstress it is the same as altering four dresses, or even harder! If they were four different dresses, they would have been easier to deal with than when they are put together in one dress.
  5. Let me know if you have a deadline. Do you require this alteration urgently?
    Because I want you to have a satisfying, stress-free experience, I make a promise to deliver on time. I don’t overbook, and don’t take job if there is a doubt that I could miss your deadline.

Is this all? Almost done! Be aware that every dress is different. Designer houses and manufacturers use their own ways to assemble their bridesmaid dresses. Some bridesmaid dresses have easy access inside for the alterations, some require that I take half of the dress apart in order to take it in. This is one last thing I need to know before giving you the final price. When you bring that dress, I will let you know whether my estimate needs adjustment.

What If The Bride Chose Style You Don’t Like?

It is very common for a bride to choose the style that doesn’t flatter all of her bridesmaids. So, it may be very upsetting for you that you have to put on something you won’t wear voluntarily, and stay in the history on the pictures with that thought in your mind.

I might be able to help you with this problem.

Not every bride is a fashion designer, and many girls may not realize how exactly different styles work for different figures. But all of them want to make their wedding unforgettable. Before you commit your money, consider a consultation with me for just $30/hour. You can count on getting 15 minutes free of charge as my gift to you. If you bring the bride with you, I may be able to work out a solution that presents a win-win situation for everyone. I know how to make each of you, her bridesmaids, look gorgeous, and your bride still happy with the group pictures. There are proven designs that I have seen working again and again. This way you can get a peace of mind and a better assurance that you will feel and look fantastic both individually and as a party. And you don’t have any obligation to give your project to me, although I would be happy if you did.

I respond to your enquiries within one day. Looking forward to hearing from you!