Suit Alterations for Business Women in Toronto

On the picture above, only one woman is wearing suit that fits well. Can you point out which one is that? I bet you can…

…But the cause is not lost for the other four. They just need to have a good dressmaker do alterations to those suits!

A common mistake that people make is NOT altering their suits that they already have. They see styles out of date, and just don’t think it’s possible to change them. It is possible in many cases, and it is often a better option than spending premium dollars on  new ones.  It costs less time and money to alter garments that were hanging in closet for years.

So, if you feel that your career growth somewhat depend on what you are wearing, and you want to look good without spending a fortune on a professional looking business attire,  a solution may be right in front of your eyes.

…Just open your closet. Consider suit alterations.

Many people don’t even realize that an experienced dressmaker can give a second life and new fashionable look to your favourite jackets that either don’t fit anymore, or went out of fashion.

You are a perfect client for suit alterations if your closet is full, and at least one of the following is true:

  • You have no time to shop
  • It’s hard to find something you like
  • It’s hard to find something of high quality for an affordable price
  • You need at least five suits, one for each day of the week.

Your closet may be better than a treasure chest if you have suits made 10-20 years ago.

Quality of those garments is much better than that of newer ones! Not only the fabric used to be real virgin wool or silk or cotton, the lining was natural, but also threads didn’t break easily. Fabric of this quality costs hundreds of dollars per yard nowadays.

The good news is, it is possible to bring them up to current fashion.

Buy Business Suits Online And Order Alterations

This is another great strategy for busy and money-savvy people. Buy women’s and men’s suits online, and you may get a designer suit for the price that you couldn’t even dream to get in the retail.

Important advice from a dressmaker on buying online:

  • Make sure you choose the right size. Never believe the sizes presented to you unless you check the chart where size is matched to the measurements.
  • If in doubt, buy bigger size.
  • If you have large breasts or hips, always buy the garment that fits your breast size or hip size, respectively. A good dressmaker will be able to alter it.
  • Let a professional take your measurements. Come for a fashion consultation before buying.

The most common suit jacket alterations include taking in on the back and sides , taking out those big ugly shoulder pads and move the sleeves to your natural shoulder line. Your jacket will look like a new custom made garment.

Pants alterations might be just taking in on sides of the legs but what a difference it makes!

Skirt alterations can completely transform your garment and make it fit as a glove. Sometimes it is appropriate to do hem alterations as well – go shorter!

The way you look is important for your career or business. People judge each other by the clothes and the way it fits. Make the best of what you already have, be resourceful and creative, and you will turn heads with your great looking business suit.

Email me at with your request and picture of your suit to get an appointment or an estimate.