• How Much Does It Cost To Alter Wedding Dress, Prom Dress, Formal Dress?

    Most questions are about getting a quote for some alterations. Typical question sounds like this: How much would it cost to alter a wedding/prom/formal/ dress, roughly?

    Answer: You have to understand that giving a quote without seeing at least a picture of the dress wouldn’t be an accurate, especially  on the phone.

    Before you bring  the actual dress to a seamstress you can clarify a lot of things via e-mail.

    It would be the best to provide as many pictures of the dress as you can,  and add a full description of alterations you want to do to it. Pictures of you wearing the dress are most helpful.

    After discussing what is possible in your timeframe, and what is not, you will get your ballpark quote.

    It can still go up or down when the actual work starts. But this process is the most time-effective, so I am asking everyone to do it this way.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Shortening a strapless dress in some cases can cost a fortune. To avoid doing it order the length of the dress by your measurement Hollow to The Floor wearing your shoes.

    Buy one size bigger – never buy small! Ready made dresses usually DO NOT have allowances to let out.

  • Goose down jackets questions

    Common question: My goose down jacket is 2-3 sizes big on me. How much would it cost to tailor it to my size?

    Answer. If you need to resize the jacket’s shoulder line and move the sleeves the cost would be more than buying a new one. What Is possible to do is:

    1. Taking in on side seams. This is possible if there are no draw strings (or you are ready to lose them), rivets, patch pockets on the way of sewing machine. Each open seam will be resealed after alterations to prevent shedding white stuff on your clothing. This job would cost $120 and up depending on the make
    2. Shortening the jacket. This is possible only if the zipper is shorter than the jacket. Cost would be from $100 and up.
    3. Narrowing and shortening the sleeves. Many goose jackets have storm cuffs inside sleeves. It complicates the job of alterations. The cost might come up to $200.
  • Making clothing from scratch

    Common question from a Prom Girl: How much would it cost to make a prom dress of my dream? It is very simple! My prom is in a month and I am on a budget.

    Answer: send me a picture. She sends me a picture of some celebrity on a red carpet. I rest my case 🙂

    On a serious note, please check out this page, that talks dressmaking in more detail: Dressmaking In Toronto

  • Using patterns made for standard sizes by many companies like Vague, Simplicity etc.

    Common question: Can you make me a dress if I bring ready made patterns?

    Answer. No, I do not trust patterns made by size. Every company uses their own chart of measurements. There are lots of mistakes and mismatches between parts of those patterns. From my experience, the only company that produces accurate patterns is German Burda Modern, and they are available in retail. But even if the patterns are trustworthy, our figures are not standard, and every pattern needs correction to fit your measurements. That being said, I want to welcome any patterns you bring to me because I can copy details like neckline, sleeve cuffs, skirt pleats, frills from them, and be sure that that’s what you like on your dress.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Tailor A Jacket and Skirt/Pants?

    Firstly, I want to know whether your garments are lined or not.

    Secondly, is it possible to take in on sides or your jacket doesn’t have side seams.

    Thirdly,  how many back seams the jacket has – just one or two, or three.

    Lastly, do you want to update the shoulder line – less pads, shoulders on your natural width? That is to move sleeves, which is the most complicated job. If the jacket is a good make it is worth it to alter. Alteration cost for a lined jacket is from $60. Skirt: belt, no belt, lining, shortening with slit/pleats, zipper on the side (plus $12) in total from $24 to $80. Pants: a little cheaper if it is possible to take in only in the back seam – from $20, if we have to do both sides the price goes up

  • I Want To Turn A Formal Dress Into A Cocktail Dress, How Much Does It Cost?

    The price depends on how full the hem is, how many layers and what fabric it is made of. It might vary from $20 to $160 and worth every penny if you can save a dress you like.

    Important: Shortening a dress includes straightening when you are wearing your high heel shoes. Bring them with you.