How to select your very own prom dress… Prom dresses in Toronto

Time to get ready for your prom? Read on to get an advice that will save you a lot of money, time and stress.

Having been in dressmaking business for more than 20 years, I helped hundreds of young ladies  feel and look great at their prom. Many of them face similar problems selecting their dress. Those problems stem from the lack of experience. You are young and creative, and you likely did not order prom dresses before. You may find it difficult to choose the perfect dress style that truly highlights your best features. Likely, you also have limited time and money.

My advice is simple:
Shop rather than have it custom made. Shop creatively. Use my tips on dress selection. 
If choosing prom dress in Toronto or GTA,  e-mail and let me help you.

How to select a prom dress. Nina’s top 12 tips:

If you want you dress made:

1. Many girls select their dream dresses from the celebrity shows and magazines – and want them custom made. They don’t realize that what looks great on a fashion model may not look as hot on their figure, especially made from different fabric.

2. Making a prom dress means shopping for fabric, lining, trimming, and zipper. If you have never done this before, it may be very time-consuming.

3. It takes several fittings to make a dress. Don’t assume that you can provide measurements by e-mail and have a dress made without fittings, you will likely end up calling a dressmaker like me in panic right before your prom to have it corrected.

4. Get your parents involved early. If they are paying for the dress, they will likely want to have their say. Their opinion is often very insightful and helpful for a dressmaker.

5. Go shopping, and try as many dresses as you need to find your perfect one and show it to me. You can also combine features from several dresses and create your own.

6. Talk to a dressmaker before you buy the fabric. Consult a professional to get an honest opinion on the style and fabric. We oftentimes know the best fabric stores in the area. I take my clients shopping and help them select the right amount of quality fabric for a small consulting fee.

Making a custom prom dress under the time pressure, imposed by school and exams, is the most expensive and time-consuming option of all. Consider other options before you go this route. Keep reading.

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