Fashion Consultation

BlogTO listed and me among the top Toronto dressmakers.  I am humbled by that, and I feel that with this comes responsibility to deliver the best service to you, my clients.

Fashion consultation is one of the most requested services I offer.

Women in Toronto  like wearing casual, comfortable clothes. When a special occasion comes, they feel  uncertain what style will flatter their figure, what dress can express their personality, and whether that dress is alterations-friendly.

If you find yourself in this situation, my Fashion Consultation is a perfect service for you, especially BEFORE you bought that dress.

I consult in person, on Skype, by Whatsup ( by appointment) and by email. Here are some examples of what people want and how I can help:

  • Maria wants a custom-made dress, but is not prepared to pay Toronto dressmaking rates
    • I give her a list of proven websites to shop for the dress. I take her measurements, teach her how to pick correct size, and assist her with alterations
  • Susan tried on dozens of dresses, and nothing looks good on her. She wants to look great at a party
    • Susan just picked styles that are not hers, and colours that don’t compliment her face and skin. I gave her drawings of what would look best on her.  I took her measurements. She picked that dress, brought it in for alteration.
  • Stephany and her bridesmades (from Australia) needed help shopping for the wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Everything looked just great on Stephany, according to salespeople at the stores, and the more expensive the dress, the better it looked!
    • They took me with them ( on Skype) to help them select the best dresses for them. I wrote an estimate for the alterations, which was accepted by the local alterationist. Girls saved a lot, both on their dresses, and and on alterations, and they loved the way they looked!
  • Nadine had a specific skirt in mind, and was not sure what fabric to buy
    • I advised her on the choice of fabric, and shared the names and locations of the stores with best selection and prices.

This list can go on and on. You can count on my honest professional opinion, as Alison and her daughter, quoted below, did:

“We met once before and you gave us the honest and sound advice to not proceed with the alteration we had in mind. This sort of honesty is rare and most appreciated! Hoping we can schedule something for tomorrow”

If you think you might benefit from my advise as well, fashion consultation costs only $30/hour in person.  It  will return to you tenfold in saved time, money, and frustrations that you would avoid  by having me help you.