What if…

  • What if you do not know exactly what you want, and you need a dressmaker to suggest styles that will flatter you the most?
  • What if you want a pattern created just for you, and the dress made from scratch?
  • What if you are unsure how that dress will look on you and want to bounce your ideas off an experienced designer?

Making a dress is an exciting creative process. It starts with a picture of your dream dress or a sample of the dress that you want to replicate. Many details affect the price of that dress. For example, I need to know its length, amount of layers, neckline etc. Is your dream dress strapless or halter? Does it have pleated front/back, layered skirt? What type of fabrics did you choose? Questions like this needs to be answered before I can give you a ballpark quote.

If you haven’t bought the fabric yet, I have good news for you.

  • I may be able to save you up to 50% on fabric cost by cutting it economically. Come in for a fashion consultation, bring your picture, and let me calculate that amount of fabric for you. Compare my estimate to that of the sales person at the fabric store. I cut using my own know-how techniques that I have developed and perfected during more than 20 years of my working as a dressmaker. If you decide to work with someone else, just add at least 20% to my estimate, otherwise many dressmakers will plainly refuse to make your dress from this amount of fabric. ( Note: You need to give me fabric width in order to make that calculation)
  • I can save you up to 50% more of the cost of fabric and up to 200% of the accessories cost by sending you to the stores that have great selection and wonderfully low prices. There still are those hidden gems in Toronto, and I will be glad to point you in the right direction. Did you know that the price of the simple zipper can vary by as much as 200% depending on where you buy it?
  • I can go to the store with you and help you select that fabric. Did you know that some velvets and satins sold in the Toronto fabric stores are made for a one time use of decorating caskets? They are supposed to be nailed to the wood and stay there. They are very cheap, and look great, but you cannot touch them with an iron, sewing machine needle tears them apart, and laundry makes rags out of them. It would be wise not to buy them for any of your special occasions. My consultation will save you a lot of time, frustration, and money. We will choose the right quality fabric, and recalculate your fabric needs on the spot based on its width. I will save you from buying those fabrics that look good, but are really bad in work and maintenance. Why spend your money on making that dress just to throw it away after one use?

If you already have the fabric for the dress and lining, or you know how much fabric you need to buy, please come in for exact quote and measurements.

Making a bridesmaid, wedding, prom or any other formal dress may cost between $400 and $700 just for the labour. I occasionally accept such projects for price starting at $1,000. These dresses could be more expensive than non-formal dresses because they usually have several layers (at least one lining). They are usually made of the fabrics that may be difficult to work with. So please come in person to get your exact quote.

Experience shows that these  “What If?..” questions are better answered in person. If you cannot decide what’s best for you and what to do, please come for a fashion consultation. I can help you to make a comfortable choice in just one hour.

For only $30 per hour (and 15 minutes for free as my gift to you) you can get design ideas that are right for you, and get a sound style advice from an experienced dressmaker. This way you can get a peace of mind and a better assurance that you will feel and look gorgeous in that dress that we create together. Many of my clients use this consultation before we start working on complex design projects. You don’t have any obligation to give your project to me, although I would be flattered if you did.

Email me nina@perfectfitforyou.com today to make an appointment.