Alterations Pricelist, Toronto Dressmaker

Looking for a dressmaker in Toronto to do alterations of your bridesmaid dress, suit, or everyday clothes? Check out my price list. I accept complex alterations that most dressmakers in Toronto won’t take, and deliver them on time. I accommodate busy schedules of my clients and schedule appointments in the evenings and weekends for you. I work BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Note that price list contains starting prices. For example, “from $10-24” means that starting price is between 10 and 24 dollars and can go up depending on complexity ( time and effort)

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Fashion Consultation

Women in Toronto  like wearing casual, comfortable clothes. When a special occasion comes, they feel  uncertain what style will flatter their figure, what dress can express their personality, and whether that dress is alterations-friendly.

If you find yourself in this situation, my Fashion Consultation is a perfect service for you, especially BEFORE you bought that dress.

I consult in person, on Skype, by Whatsup ( by appointment) and by email.

It costs only $30/hour in person, which  will return to you tenfold in saved time, money, and frustrations that you would avoid  by having me help you.



Price, Starting from
Pants $14
Jeans euro-hem $20-30
Jeans wide hem $20
Skirt $30
Sleeves (2) $40-80
With Straightening Add $10
With Lining Add $10 or more
Rolled Hem (per yard) $20-30


Price, Starting from
Dress (2 sides) $32
Pants (2 sides) $48
Pants waist in/out $30
Skirt (sides) $32
Waistbelt changing $50
…With lining Add $10 or more
…Including hem Add $10

Tighten The Back ( Central Seam)

Price, Starting from
Dress $20
Blouse $20
Jacket with lining $60

Zipper Change:

Price, Starting from
Invisible Zipper ( skirt, dress, pants) $20-50
Jacket $50-80

Change Lining:

Price, Starting from
Skirt $80
Pants $100
Dress $100
Coat $160
Jacket $140

Complex Alterations:

Price, Starting from
Tailor a ready made jacket with lining to client’s figure $80-200
Adjust at the sleeve cap $40-60
Adjust at arm hole $60
Redesign neckline $30-100
Raise or lower a dart $10-20
Shorten or lengthen darts $16-24
Button $2
Buttonhole $4-10

Custom Made Clothes*

Price, starting from:
Skirt (basic, straight) $200
Pants (basic) $500
Dress (basic, sleeveless) $500
Dress, with sleeves $600
Dress, strapless $1000 & up
Top (blouse) $500
Jacket $600
…With Lining Add 30% extra
*These are prices for basic garments.
Additional details such as pleats, pockets, fancy frills, non-standard cut or size, etc. add to this price.
Garments made of silk, satin or chiffon, for example, add 20% on top of the price because they take extra time, skill, and work to deal with.
Alterations of the designer clothes can DOUBLE or TRIPLE the price because of the way most designer clothes are made that complicates alterations.
I will be able to give you a precise estimate once you show me your chosen fabric and design… and yourself! I am a very experienced cutter.  I pride myself for being able to create or adjust patterns for clients with non-standard figures. However, this takes extra time that I include in my quote.
I will do up to 2 half-hour fittings for free. If there is a need for more, the standard price of $30 an hour applies

Special Services:


  • Complementary clothes design based on the fashion magazines and your individual taste and desire.
  • Calculating  necessary amount of fabric for this particular design.
  • Choosing fabrics at the store. I can provide the required materials (thread, zipper,lining, interfacing, etc., except fabric and buttons) for a retail price, or you may bring your own.
  • Fashion consultation at the store – virtual or in person.

Prices for these services vary, so please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Please contact me at or by text to get an estimate or schedule a fashion consultation.

Please beware of seasonality in my work. At times, I am booking clients months in advance for proms, weddings, or holidays. At times, I have a client cancellation, so  I can take you in the next day. Let me know when you need it.  Let me know what you want, send me a picture, and we will take it from there.