6. Mothers of brides are mature women, and they generally know what color is best for their skin and eyes. Color makes a lot of difference in your outfit. Choose the color that suits you best. For the wedding consider getting a more festive shade of this colour, or a more expensive fabric with exquisite texture.

7. Forget ‘Sex and the city’ when you choose the shoes and purse. Any shoes don’t just go with any purse no matter how expensive they are. Matching shoes and purses is the collective wisdom of generations of women with good artistic flare. Try to select ones that are made in the same color and material. The shoes and purse can be black and can be reused for many more occasions to come. There may be options that match your dress better than the traditional black. If you find them – go for it. Don’t forget to try your shoes on at home several times before the wedding.

8. Sleeveless dresses call for a scarf, shawl or shrug. Not only will it cover your shoulders from the chill, but also provide a decent look for the church.

9. Lipstick, nails, and hair are the last touches in the gorgeous look of a mother of the bride. Match the color, preferably selecting the same color for both nails and lips. Don’t forget to match the color to the dress itself. Have a good hair day with your regular hairdresser; don’t experiment with your hair at this important time!

10. All of the above is very important, but how you feel at the day of the wedding will define your looks even more. Get a good sleep the night before, and some relaxation as well. Do whatever suits you – from meditation to a bubble bath. As the mother of the bride, you have the responsibility to feel and look great!

I hope I persuaded you by now to be very selective with the shape, color and style of your outfit. Your dress, accessories, nails, hair and shoes should come together in one perfect combination.

Mothers of brides are busy with the wedding preparation, and don’t always have time to pay attention to little details in their looks. That’s when a professional dressmaker like myself can consult you, and take the burden off your shoulders. I can make your dress fit perfectly, and advise on other details, and styles that fit you. It makes a whole world of difference on the wedding picture, or video shoots. Stay gorgeous and stylish in the family albums and memories of your guests.

Wedding will be over soon, but your memories will stay.

Please email me nina@perfectfitforyou.com, and I will do my best to assist you.

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