If You Decided To Buy A Prom Dress…

7.  Shop around. As much as I’d love to make a dress for you, your most reliable option is to buy a dress, and let me alter it. Why? Because you will have a chance to try it on, and see if you like it. Leave the rest to a dressmaker.

8. Don’t just shop for prom dresses – think creatively. Check out cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and bridesmaids’ dresses. A dress can always be shortened and altered, if the price and look is right.

9. Everyone wants a tight dress to make them look smaller and sexier. When the dress is custom-made for you, this is a given… When you shop, resist the temptation – avoid buying a tight dress. Very rarely it fits you perfectly, and it’s impossible for a dressmaker to save it. It’s better to buy a size or two bigger and have it altered for your figure.

10. Start shopping early, don’t wait till the last minute. When panicked girls hit the prom dress stores in May and June, they are less likely to find a dream dress of their dreams for an affordable price. They will also pay a premium for last minute alterations.

11. Shop Online. Though you cannot try the dress, you can always buy it two sizes bigger and let me alter it to fit you like a glove.

12. If you are on limited budget, still go to the stores that are beyond your means. Why? Try as many styles as you can to find the style that fits you – then shop online for that particular style. You will find that dress that fits your budget, and I will alter it for you.

13. Be careful about dresses with beading – they are very hard to take in. Alterations may cost you more, or be impossible.

If you decided to make a dress, e-mail me that picture,  and I will quote it for you. Come and discuss it with me before you buy the fabric. Avoid disappointments and get directions to the most affordable fabric shops in Toronto.

If you shop for a dress and it doesn’t exactly fit you, remember to buy 1-2 sizes bigger and bring it to me. In one or two days, you will be a proud owner of a custom-fit prom dress.

Don’t add extra stress to your life during your last year at school. Shop early and use my tips to make a right choice.

Email me  nina@perfectfitforyou.com to get help with that dream prom dress in Toronto.

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